Recent collaborations and features - How they got me thinking (even more so than usual, which says a lot).



Over the last few months, I have been very fortunate to have gained interest from a number of magazines.
After being approached by Elle, this triggered Vogue and Tatler magazine to ask whether I'd be interested in advertising with them also... Of course I said yes! I was and still am very flattered, to the point where I am of course going to keep cut outs (possibly even frame them..).
Another exciting bit of news is that this week a collaboration with Your Coffee Break magazine was published. Being asked questions about myself and my brand made what I'm doing now seem even more real. The questions got me thinking about my childhood, and how being creative really did shape the person I am today.
I was fortunate to have a childhood where being creative was at the forefront of my upbringing. I grew up with my dad teaching me ways to draw and make things with different mediums, and my Nanny Peg (my dads mum) taught me how to paint my first water colour painting, which was of a vase of flowers. Being creative definitely runs in my family, and I honestly can’t imagine spending my life doing anything else. So the pressure is definitely on!
Looking back, I seemed to enjoy prolonging the creative process. I have an early memory of myself as a child creating pointillism pictures using felt pens onto tissue paper, where I would then peal the two layers apart to find the image had been repeated. This fascinated me, and to keep them safe I would have my dad laminate them. So I suppose the idea of producing imagery, but then taking it further to produce something new, is what I do now. Taking a drawing apart and reassembling it to create a new image excites me now, as much as pealing apart my tissue pictures did back then.
You could say textiles was always in the background and a voice I didn’t take seriously until the end of my foundation course. I was weary of designing fabrics for fashion as I never considered myself ‘fashionable’ and so I thought I’d be undermined by people who were. But, in recent years I have come to realise that having an eye for design and your own style is just as effective. Print and pattern making lends itself to fashion quite easily, and so there’ll always be an appreciation for both. I just hope the interest from such magazines and people will continue, for it has made me realise how much I want to succeed in this industry.

Here is the link for my article with Your Coffee Break magazine, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

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