The beginnings of the Baroque Collection




Being an indecisive individual means that making patterns can be a lengthy process at times, there are just so many combinations of compositions and colours to be used- the pattern possibilities are endless! But when one comes together unplanned, it can be one of the most exciting surprises.
Late one evening, around 11 o'clock (a time I'm sure most creative people would agree is the most lethal/best time for ideas), I decided to doodle in my sketchbook from objects that were close to hand in my room. One of those objects being from a pair of earrings my late Nanny Peg had given to me as she no longer wanted them. They were just too pretty not to snatch up. But the fact they were from someone who means so much to me, it automatically made them more precious.


Of course 'doodling' wouldn't be my preferred choice of starting a design or piece of artwork, but for this particular time of night, doodling enabled me to be more experimental and free with the page, rather than a perfectionist having the pressure to create 'perfect' imagery from the beginning for a pattern.


Having said that, the curiosity at a later date got the better of me. I needed to know what the sketchy/raw lines that I grew to appreciate could be transformed into... And this was the outcome!

The shapes created not only reflected the earrings, but it would fit nicely into a square shape of a scarf. From this the time consuming but exciting process happened. By choosing the strong/recognisable contrast between blue and white, the detail could be fully appreciated.
And there's just something about this colour combination that I think triggers comfort and sentiment among a lot of people, and hopefully within you too :).

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