Crest Commission.

Alongside my latest commissioned piece, I was also asked to produce another based on a family crest for a gentleman's birthday.

The customer wanted me to take the crest, and use the traditional aspects with a more overall abstract and contemporary feel. The desired colours were majority blues/teals, with small amounts of golds or burnt oranges.

With my recent love for the geometric aesthetic, I thought this crest would work really well due to its array of shapes.

I started by sketching out the crest with nib and ink, and then tracing my own drawing with a more definite line.

With the crest now complete, I was able to experiment with its form.

I wanted to compliment the crest by balancing it out with its opposing geometric shapes, so reflecting the baroque style leaves with circles, and the shield with different sized squares/diamonds.

Here is the final chosen design, finished with initials for an extra personal touch.


The customer and I were very happy with this final design.

I think the chosen colour way adds to the elaborate design of the crest, for the colours are rich without being overstated. Whilst the composition is symmetrical, there is still an air of organic growth, again reflecting on the contrast of the crest's suggestive metallic structure and natural leaf.

'He loves it. I wish I could of filmed his reaction. He loves your work so much.'

It's reactions like this that remind myself why I'm doing this in the first place. I'm helping to make memories, and therefore belongings with sentiment. For me, this is more than just a business.

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