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A personalised wedding.

My accessories are a classic addition to your outfits all year round, as well as special occasions, especially weddings.I've been fortunate to have been asked numerous times to create bespoke pocket squares for the groom, and his best men. This really embodies my brands ethos, for these pocket squares complete an outfit that are part of a sentimental day, and can be worn over and over again for years to come. Therefore, they will trigger this special memory. With this in mind, I decided to design a collection of pocket squares for weddings using one of my watercolour paintings of a popular flower choice, the Peony, along with three desired colour ways.   It was an absolute pleasure to have...

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My city break to Porto.

It's been just over a week since I came back from Porto, and what a beautiful city it is. There’s something about city breaks that just make me feel so at home, like at peace, yet full of inspiration! Take their tiles for example...       These blue and white tiles in particular I find really aesthetically pleasing... and of course remind me of my Baroque Blue Collection. Any trips or holidays are perfect for making memories, and our wardrobes are always a part of that. I have dresses, for example, that I feel are more fitting for certain holidays, as if they’re complimented by the surroundings and way of life. This cornflower blue loose fitting dress was one...

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Crest Commission.

Alongside my latest commissioned piece, I was also asked to produce another based on a family crest for a gentleman's birthday. The customer wanted me to take the crest, and use the traditional aspects with a more overall abstract and contemporary feel. The desired colours were majority blues/teals, with small amounts of golds or burnt oranges.With my recent love for the geometric aesthetic, I thought this crest would work really well due to its array of shapes.I started by sketching out the crest with nib and ink, and then tracing my own drawing with a more definite line. With the crest now complete, I was able to experiment with its form.I wanted to compliment the crest by balancing it out...

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