Pitti Uomo - 2024

Well, what a start to 2024 January was!
After my first solo trip to Florence last year to visit the fair Pitti Uomo, I promised myself I'd visit again this year. Now, fear and self doubt crept in and nearly prevented that from happening, but deep down I knew I didn't want to break that promise. So with just over a week to go, I booked the flights. And gosh, I'm so glad I did.
The first day of the trip was a bit of a mare, as it took a full days worth of travelling, which is crazy to think that Florence is only a two hour flight from London! But there was a highlight. On the same flight as me was a photographer that I follow on instagram, whose photograph I painted just a few months before. What are the chances! And thanks to him, I was able to meet so many more inspiring people in the industry, as well as seeing some familiar faces.
The photographer invited me to a pool tournament for the following two nights that I was there, which was so much fun. Considering I hadn't played pool since I was a kid, I surprised myself! And definitely rekindled my love for it.

During my first day at the show, my trusty concrete block that I used as a seat last year was still there, empty, and waiting for me. I sat down and began sketching the impeccably dressed men as they walked past once again.
(Thank you for the photos Takayuki, Margherita, and Asia).
Like last year, this wasn't an easy task, but the outcome pleasantly surprised me. It was like the less time I had to think about what I was drawing, the more accurate the scale was!? And with the suggestive lines, I ended up loving what I was seeing.

What do you think? I personally love how they capture the essence of the person, and how the ink gets carried away at times whilst remaining minimal.

If you know me, you'll know that cooking and eating pasta is another passion of mine, so of course this trip is a match made in heaven. I got to visit a couple of places that I came across last year, Bar Fibbi who make the most nostalgic spaghetti bolognese, at such a good price, and my favourite cafe, Cafe Gilli, who make the most amazing sweet treats. The cafe is more on a the expensive side, but it's worth it.

 It's so nice to combine work and pleasure, especially at the beginning of the year.
It definitely started my year on a high.

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