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My city break to Porto.

It's been just over a week since I came back from Porto, and what a beautiful city it is. There’s something about city breaks that just make me feel so at home, like at peace, yet full of inspiration! Take their tiles for example...       These blue and white tiles in particular I find really aesthetically pleasing... and of course remind me of my Baroque Blue Collection. Any trips or holidays are perfect for making memories, and our wardrobes are always a part of that. I have dresses, for example, that I feel are more fitting for certain holidays, as if they’re complimented by the surroundings and way of life. This cornflower blue loose fitting dress was one...

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60th Birthday Commission.

A fellow creative in fashion commissioned me to produce a bespoke scarf for her Aunties 60th birthday, which for me is a big compliment! Her Aunty is an abstract artist, who's work is very different to my style and approach to art, which instantly made me question my own ability. But I couldn't resist the challenge. I started by having a look at her lovely work, and picking out a piece that most appealed to me, this piece being: I liked the layered, unusual detailed shapes, along with it's simplistic colour way.As my customer is a follower of my work, she had noticed my more recent designs which involved a combination of feminine, delicate watercolours along with bold geometric shapes....

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The Shirley Collection

Since starting my business, I always knew I was going to base a collection on this precious belonging; a decorative egg held in a trinket box that belonged to my Nanny Shirl. She had the most comfiest bed (which my mum and I still fantasise about!), which if I was lucky enough, I'd share with her when I stayed over. Her dressing table was placed right opposite, where the egg and trinket box belonged. It would have been one of the first things we saw when we woke up. I loved it growing up, it filled me with intrigue and desire. So inevitably it became an item that I associated with her. Since she, and my other grandparents passed away, I...

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