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60th Birthday Commission.

A fellow creative in fashion commissioned me to produce a bespoke scarf for her Aunties 60th birthday, which for me is a big compliment! Her Aunty is an abstract artist, who's work is very different to my style and approach to art, which instantly made me question my own ability. But I couldn't resist the challenge. I started by having a look at her lovely work, and picking out a piece that most appealed to me, this piece being: I liked the layered, unusual detailed shapes, along with it's simplistic colour way.As my customer is a follower of my work, she had noticed my more recent designs which involved a combination of feminine, delicate watercolours along with bold geometric shapes....

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Preparing for Christmas!

HOLIDAYS A'COMING! With Christmas fast approaching, it's safe to say I've been 'stitched' to the sewing machine (hence my lack of blogging). Not sure whether it's just myself that breaks the mould, but unfortunately multi-tasking definitely isn't my forte!So it's about time I gave my eyes a change of scenery.A couple of months ago, my application for a stall at the Christmas Market was successful! I have an amazing opportunity to showcase my products from the 13th November to the 17th at The Hayes, Cardiff. I'm so excited to be at the core of such a Christmasy experience. Although, I'm not sure whether I'm more excited to be near the sugary, cinnamonny nut and mulled wine guys.. I will try...

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