A personal, and brand achievement.

On the 14th December, I was asked give a presentation (along with two other business women) on my journey as a creative, and a brand, for Fierce Femmes. Anyone that knows me will know that public speaking is one of my biggest fears. I'm happy to talk to anyone, and everyone, but put me in front of a room of people, whom are all looking and listening to me, and the anxiety takes over.

I crumble.

Initially I turned down the offer to speak, and weeks before I even considered pulling out. How could I possibly do this? I don't do things like this! Do I really need to do it?

This inner argument played over and over, but deep down I knew that if I wanted to grow as a person, and a brand, I would have to throw myself out of my comfort zone and into opportunities like this. And I'm so glad I did.

Whilst my talk is a little bit of a blur, I managed to cover the milestones in my life so far; How I've gotten to where I am now, the highs, and the many lows. And it showed that being authentic and true to yourself really does resonate with others.
As for the nerves, the hands were shaking, there were a few stumbles and blank moments (even with a slideshow and notes!), but as time went on I felt myself easing into it more. As always, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Having said that, I wouldn't like to make it a weekly thing!

But it has given me more confidence to tackle any future hurdles, and more importantly, back myself even more. 


The response I had from women I've never met was seriously overwhelming, and extremely heartwarming. So I must have done something right!

I must remember to read them whenever I have a spell of proper self doubt.



Saying yes to an opportunity like this has definitely helped me grow as a person, and a brand, and I'm so grateful to have been given it.

Magic really does happen outside of your comfort zone.



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