Slow Fashion, not Fast Fashion.

Fast Fashion - Inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

The Fast Fashion industry is one of the most leading industries in polluting our planet. From water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and the increasing levels of textile waste. Which seems to be a big price to pay for things that we care so little for and dispose of so easily.

Since day dot, my brands ethos is to create luxury items that become items of sentiment. Items that can be passed down generations whilst still being appreciated for their design and quality. You could say my brand supports and celebrates ‘Slow Fashion’. A movement which I think we should all take into account, and even better, play a part in.

It is tough when as a generation we are constantly faced with an array of new fashion trends showcased by celebrities and people in the lime light, trends that are replicated online and on the high street for a margin of the original costs. It enables the ‘fashion conscious’ to keep up, and I suppose with how social media is these days, to be more ‘liked'. But this isn’t always fulfilling. Our desires are constantly being triggered, but never truly being satisfied. So why not invest in your style rather than these recycled fashion trends, and buy items that become a part of you rather than a part of this vicious cycle?

Whilst I was studying at university, we were taught about the notion of ‘Nostalgia’ and how it's triggered by things such as items of clothing. From a wedding dress and suit from a couples special day, to your favourite shoes that you‘ve had a number of compliments on. They’re items that are linked to memories, which in turn trigger particular feelings from our emotions. They become items that you won’t dispose of easily, if at all. Now, I’m not saying that people should wear their wedding attire every day, nor live in just one pair of shoes... but paying that bit more for items of high quality will enable you to wear these items you love time and time again and used for special occasions, inevitably making your style, you. Not only will you be supporting Slow Fashion, but you’ll be triggering nostalgia along the way. And for me as a designer, triggering nostalgia is an invaluable luxury.

Granted our wages play a large factor in making such consumer decisions, but I suppose what I’m trying to say is to be more aware of how you spend your money. Make decisions that can benefit you in the long run whilst still being able to express yourself. I heard someone say recently, 'buy cheap, buy twice’, and there is some truth in that. 

Invest in your style, not the Fast Fashion industry.

You’ll be helping the Earth while you’re at it.



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