The Shirley Collection

Since starting my business, I always knew I was going to base a collection on this precious belonging; a decorative egg held in a trinket box that belonged to my Nanny Shirl. She had the most comfiest bed (which my mum and I still fantasise about!), which if I was lucky enough, I'd share with her when I stayed over. Her dressing table was placed right opposite, where the egg and trinket box belonged. It would have been one of the first things we saw when we woke up. I loved it growing up, it filled me with intrigue and desire. So inevitably it became an item that I associated with her.
Since she, and my other grandparents passed away, I realised just how much each one of them really meant to me. By me creating a collection dedicated to her, I suppose it's my way, a small way, of thanking her, and carrying a part of her memory on. This may be a bit too honest of me now... But I suppose it's also a way of me saying sorry. Sorry for the times that I was a stroppy child; for the times that I took her for granted. For not realising how much I'd miss her.  

I wanted to write a poem that would help not only introduce the collection, but hopefully portray the sentiment behind the inspiration. Now, I'm not a poet! And I definitely didn't excel in English back in the school days.. If anything I spent those lessons chatting and messing around... 

But hopefully it does the trick.


My Nanny Shirl was a very thoughtful, selfless, generous and fun lady, whom my family and I were very lucky to have.
Maybe she'd be glad that I'm not forcing a free scarf upon her... But instead I'll just hope that she likes them :).


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  • Kath Catris

    Beautiful sentiment for a beautiful collection. X

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