A way to make fashion slow? Turn it into Art.

During the pandemic, I have been fortunate to have been able to revisit, and be appreciated, for my more 'Fine Art' background.
With my A-levels in Double Art and a degree in Surface Pattern Design, my brand is to not only celebrate and support 'Slow Fashion', but more recently a brand that triggers escapism through its representation of style and story telling.
After being commissioned to paint portraits, I wondered how I could combine this with my brand. One evening I came across a quote "What's bad for your heart is good for your Art", so I decided to paint from a fashion photograph that I came across on instagram that I loved.
And something clicked.
With my love for fashion photography, I've decided to spend time painting fashion style imagery inspired by my accessories and brand.

As each of my collections are inspired by a story or item of sentiment, I feel that creating this art compliments my brand, and strengthens what it's ethos has always been.
Whilst at University, I learned that clothing, and inevitably your style, can trigger nostalgia within you and the people you know. As I have always been extremely sentimental, the notion of creating items that are loved and worn forever reflects this emotional experience. Whether it's forming a connection with a piece of art or clothing, it is this connection that creates an outward expression, and therefore becomes a part of your story; a story that I hope to be a part of.

Sentiment gives my work purpose, which I think is an invaluable quality. It's invaluable qualities like this that enable pieces to stand the test of time. Something that I think we and the natural environment would appreciate now more than ever.

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