My city break to Porto.

It's been just over a week since I came back from Porto, and what a beautiful city it is.
There’s something about city breaks that just make me feel so at home, like at peace, yet full of inspiration! Take their tiles for example...

These blue and white tiles in particular I find really aesthetically pleasing... and of course remind me of my Baroque Blue Collection.
Any trips or holidays are perfect for making memories, and our wardrobes are always a part of that. I have dresses, for example, that I feel are more fitting for certain holidays, as if they’re complimented by the surroundings and way of life. This cornflower blue loose fitting dress was one of them. And finished off with one of my Baroque Blue silk scarves.. anyone would think the Porto Tiles inspired it all. And this scarf comes with me on every holiday 💙.

Having packed for Porto, expecting Summer weather.. It turns out my friend and I took Cardiff with us!? Yes there was wind, and rain 😅, but thankfully a little sun as well. On this eve (the warmest we had) I didn’t think I’d need a jacket, instead I took this large Baroque Blue silk scarf that I made for myself when I first started my brand. The perfect opportunity to test out whether silk really does keep you warm in the cooler temperatures, and seeing how windy this evening ended up being, this scarf was a godsend 💙.
So, what they say about silk is true ✨
And the weather didn’t stop us from having a lush time, I mean, just look at those views!

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